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About us

Our Misson

Our goal is to improve the lives of others and help others mend their broken hearts. Nobody in this world is alone, we all go through something, good or bad. Sharing your story can save someone elses life. Putting a smile on someone's face that is in need could change their life. There is so much we can do as people that we have yet to do, it's time to make a change.

Love Your Scars was started by a teenager in New Jersey who went through a tough time during the beginning of her teen years. With the loss of her father by age 13, she began searching for ways to cope with it. With a lack of websites to communicate with other kids experiencing troubling times, the idea for Love Your Scars came to her attention. The main focus of Love Your Scars is to alert people of all ages, no matter what the case may be, that they aren't alone. Everyone goes through troubles and heartaches in their lives. Some people may handle it better than others. Either way, this website is here for people to share their stories, how they got through it, or if they need help getting through it.

"Love Your Scars, Love Yourself."

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